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Norsat International unveils line of RFID on-metal products

Norsat International Inc. announced that its Microwave Business Unit will offer RFID on-metal tags and readers for tracking and monitoring assets such as vehicles, baggage and inventory.

Providing an automated solution for ensuring product security and managing inventory and product warranty, the RFID reader is available in a desktop option and bay door option. The desktop RFID reader is available in a rugged five-inch by three-inch package for portable use within a facility.

The bay door RFID reader is available in a 16 inch round package and can be mounted by a warehouse bay door to track all tagged products that enter or exit the facility.

Norsat RFID readers are compatible with EPC Class 1, Gen 1, ISO-18000-6C, ISO 18000-6B, Ucode EPC 1.19 (256 bits), and EM IPX protocols, and RFID tags use ISO-18000-6C protocol. And its RFID tag offers 512 bits of memory and a read range of 1.5m.

Source: Rfidnews.org




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