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RST-Invent demonstrates the new solutions in the railcar of RUSNANO

RST-Invent company, a UHF (ultra high frequency) RFID Solutions provider on the Russian market, provided the original RFID-solution for guiding visitors of the railcar, dedicated to nanotechnology, and stand filled with the new RFID solutions.

"RFID features demonstration system" has no analogues in Russia and intended to illustrate to exhibition visitors the potential of radio frequency identification.


At the entrance to railcar all visitors equipped by a tablet computers which have an embedded RFID tags. The whole exhibition area is divided into themed zones.


Walking through the exhibition from one stand to another, the visitor enters the interaction zones of RFID reader antennas. Depending on the specified zone a computer screen displays the relevant information. The Tablet PC uses Web-based interface to display a featured information.

In addition, the exhibition presents a booth of the RST-Invent, where the visitors can clearly look at the benefits of the new RFID-solutions offered by the company for Railroad Transport.


The proposed upgrade of the current transport registration system allows within a minutes to learn all the characteristics of a particular train - the speed, direction, type of cars and locomotives, the number and sequence in the composition. The system designed to reduce the idle of freight cars, improving the quality of service by reducing the planned resources, excluding differences in accounting and lowering the impact of the human error.

The monitoring system of the life cycle of railway wheel pairs designated to automatic identification of wheelsets and allows to collect data on their actual consumer properties, to control the movement of wheel sets, determine their run, to obtain information about the causes of facing, maintenance intervals, etc.

Reading wheelset tag is able at the distances up to 1.5 meters and speeds up to 25 km/h, which allows to read tags with all standard operations for inspection of the wheels. It is also possible to register wheelsets using handheld RFID reader. Data collected by the reader transfers into a central server's database "on the fly."


Great interest from visitors has caused by a solution based on the smallest SML-M3 tag (6 mm in diameter), read capable even being sunked into the body of a metal seal to a depth of 3 mm. Presence and place of the tag in the seal is impossible to identify. Seal tag can not be separated from the seal's body without damage of the seal of both the seal and tag. Authentication system for railroad seals designed to solve the problem to identify counterfeits of railcar seals. This solution allows seal integrity verification at any point of the route of the railcar.

The launch ceremony of the unique mobile exhibition and lecture hall was held on August 3, 2011 at Riga station in Moscow. The complex consists of three office-residential and eight exhibition railcars, one of which is devoted to nanotechnologies.

Train goes from Moscow to St. Petersburg, and then will travel through the country to the Sovetskaya Gavan on the Baikal Amur Mainline. The train will return to Moscow by the Trans-Siberian. The train will make stops in major cities, where the personnel of branches of JSC "RR" (Russian Railways) and local residents will be able to get acquainted with the advanced developments of nanotechnology solutions.

The ceremony of train departure was attended by president of JSC "RR" Vladimir Yakunin, Valentine Gapanovich, senior vice-president of JSC "RR", Ekaterina Popova, Assistant Head of Presidential Administration, Andrei Nedosekov, Deputy Transport Minister, Arjan de Yongste, Director General "PHILIPS", as well as Deputy Chairman of the Board of "RUSNANO" Andrey Svinarenko, Director of the Department of programs to stimulate demand of RUSNANO Alexander Morozov.

Detailed information on the RST-Invent and its products and services available on the company's web-site http://www.rfid-news.ru




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