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The Tendo company demonstrates the new RFID Solution for tires identity control and running

The Tendo company demonstrates a new integrated solution for tires identity control and running RFID technology-based (Radio-frequency Identification, RFID). RFID technology makes it possible to effectively fight counterfeiting and substitution of tires, monitors all the facts of the entry and exit of vehicles from the factory, allows for rapid and periodic RFID inventory of all company's tires.

What is RFID?
The system is based on a method of automatic identification of objects using radio waves (RFID) recently appeared in Russia. RFID system consists of RFID tags, which is a inlay with an antenna and a chip mounted on it, and RFID reader shock-, dust- and moisture-proff mobile computer with an antenna attached. RFID readers emit radio waves in space that are well run through non-metal barriers and make the electrical current in RFID tags. RFID chip provides its number to terminal which is linked within the database to all the necessary information about the identified object. The most important advantages of RFID Technology are avoiding the need of direct access to the object being read, a large range of reading tags, support for reading multiple tags at once, a lasting tags, also a resistance to mechanical effects and chemical factors.

The problem of transport enterprises
One of the problems faced by companies with a fleet of vehicles is that the expensive tires can be replaced with counterfeit products when the company's vehicle is on the trip or even within the parking of the fleet. The task of tires tracking is the most urgent for fleets of trucks and agricultural machinery, where the cost of tires is particularly high. In addition, there is a need to consider all the facts of entry/exit of vehicles from the plant, monitoring of drivers, on-line inventory of tires in stock.

Reasons to select a RFID method to track the company's tires
As the RFID Technology doesn't requires direct tags access this fact allows to embed them on the inner side of the tire, ie, provide a hidden item identifier location thus makes it difficult to remove without damaging the item.
RFID tag has a microprocessor chip that is virtually impossible to counterfeit even when tag removed from the tire. Distance reading labels makes possible the automatic identification of tagged tires, as well as a tagged vehicle at the time of vehicle exit/entry machine to/from the enterprise.
Ability to simultaneously read a large number of tags from the items allows for maximize the speed of items inventory.

Tendo's Tires tracking RFID system parts and their principle of operation
How the system works is fairly simple and involves several parts.

  • RFID tag mount the car glued, the individual number links to all the necessary specs of the vehicle, including its model and number. All tires also tagged using RFID tags, with the tags embedded directly into the tires. To mark the tires used are protected tags Gen 2 RFID Tire Tag (860-950 MHz)
  • There are a few fixed RFID readers and antennas located at the car and the tires levels on both sides at the exit from the fleet area. This kind of positioning allows to correctly read all the tags to have their identification numbers with complete information on what kind of vehicle, what kind of tires there should be and are the tires relevant to a given vehicle.
    As a result, the correct tire control provided by an accurate automatic RFID identification at the entrance and exit of the vehicle. The solution uses Motorola RFID readers and antennas - XR480 AN480.
  • An integral part of the system is a unified informational database where all information is stored about the vehicles belonging to the fleet and also each tire. On the receiving a tire/new vehicles on the enterprise items are tagging with RFID tags, individual numbers of RFID tags is reading by RFID handheld terminal (in this case used Motorola RFID handheld terminal MC9090 G RFID), and then individual RFID numbers in a database linked to all relevant information on tagged items. As a result, on entry/exit of vehicles in the database record on-line all information about whether the RFID number of tires and RFID number of the car and are all tires have them implanted RFID tags or a range of tires has been replaced and does not contain RFID tags.

Monitoring of the events of entry/exit of vehicles
The tire tracking system also allows to monitor all the facts of entry/exit of vehicles and thereby receive the news about when the car left the car park when it came back and returned there at all.
This allows to monitor the work of staff, time spent on travel, monitor the preservation of all objects of the fleet. At customer's preference the system can be connected with a barrier to entry/exit facility to automatically control the access to the area of ​​enterprise/exit from the facility.

RFID inventory of assets of the enterprise
Tire monitoring system can also be supplemented by RFID handheld terminals and staff can perform an effective RFID inventory of all assets of the enterprise.
RFID inventory provides high efficiency by taking into account the possibility of reading a large number of tags at once at a great distance - the operator just have to enter a certain area, click on the RFID handheld terminal and walk with it across the area, holding the button down and thus for a few minutes to gather all necessary information on all assets.

About the Tendo company

Tendo company is a developer and integrator of IT solutions for the automation of management accounting and control. Since 2007 a major focus of the company's development is the creation and integration of complex technology solutions based on RFID. Company Tendo is ready to actively cooperate for the development of the RFID domestic market and implementation of new and interesting ideas for RFID applications, participate in joint business projects with the Russian RFID system integrators.

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