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TagStar launches inlay with three-dimensional readability for industrial and logistics applications

TagStar Systems announced its new Quadro ultra high frequency RFID inlay, which offers three-dimensional readability for industrial and logistics applications.

TagStar’s Quadro design provides full three-dimensional readability, which offers greater flexibility for applications where materials may be placed or stacked at differing heights or depths.

Compatible with multiple different frequencies and standards used in the U.S., Europe and Asia, TagStar’s patent-pending technology combines long-range readability with support for all ultra high frequency chips and their specific features.

TagStar’s new Quadro inlay allows the use of any chip with a single radio frequency configuration. It also enables readers to reduce their UHF emissions by up to 50%, making it easier and less costly to meet FCC regulatory requirements.

The product is approximately 80x80 mm and can be supplied on-reel as inlay or a ready-to-use label with customized artwork such as logos or text.




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