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High Memory Tagging Gets Rugged with Nano XL

Xerafy is introducing the much awaited Nano XL and Nano-iN XL embeddable tag to join the Sky ID as part of the XL family of high memory RFID metal tags for aerospace, defense, manufacturing, oil and gas and process industries.

Nearly all these industries require tags to hold data permanently (for regulatory compliance and audit). And because they operate in some of the most difficult environments out there, the Nano XL is perhaps the only high memory tag available out there that is rugged enough to complement the “bullet proof” technology that can withstand time, temperature, pressure and radiation.

With 8K byte data storage and up to four feet in read distance, the Nano XL tags can deliver significant value in the following areas: storing key life-cycle history information of an asset, accessing information in remote locations, and simplifying deployment without the need for complex IT integration.

It is simply a matter of time before the Nano XL tags will find their way into applications where the majority of the time is spent gathering information and tracking parts to set up the job and where missing information in a task can create potentially hazardous situations exposing organizations to liability issues. These include:

  • Operating tools and equipment for MRO
  • Valves and maintainable items in process industries
  • Remote assets in renewable energy

Xerafy’s rugged XL tags are set to revolutionize the way industries manage their assets and the time to get started is now.

Source: http://www.xerafy.com




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