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Ing Libor Hofmann introduces RFID tag for healthcare

The company Ing. Libor Hofmann, manufacturer based in Brno in the The Czech Republic develops and produces HF and UHF tags since 2003.  During the last 5 years have released for the RFID market about 50 kinds of HF and UHF tags. Recently this company has introduced an UHF RFID passive wristband designed for use on the human body. The wristband model H86-WL-WBP operates at a frequencies from 860 to 860MHz. Currently the wristband is equipped with Impinj Monza 3 or Monza 4 chip.

As said Libor Hofmann,  the firm's owner , “We understand very well the influence of a human body and radio waves. The UHF RFID technology  gives us space for creativity and different technical solutions. Our UHF RFID wristbands deliver on the market with the new solution.”

The reading distance of the H86-WL-WPL UHF wristbands for the 1 mm (!) distance tag's antenna from human body - is about 40cm for 2W/ERP.

What is important to note that the distance between body and tag is only 1mm.
It is not all, company ready to offer on the RFID market also with the following solutions:
- UHF RFID BAP tag on body, the size is only 30x20x1mm.
- UHF RFID card passive tag on body.

These both tags allows to read with reading distance in meters for the condition distance between tag and body 2mm and power 2W/ERP

New UHF RFID solutions opening new opportunities for asset management, health care, monitoring of employees working in office with sensitive information, personnel in military warehouse, supervisors in prisons etc.


New UHF RFID battery-assisted on body tag with reading distance 2m




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