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Volkswagen improves material flow on more than 20,000 auto parts

Volkswagen is using RFID technology at its German factories to monitor the inventory on large steel pressings used in manufacture of vehicles, including the popular Volkswagen Passat, according to Materials Handling World.

The factory shop supplies 20,000 parts each day, starting with large steel coils that are cut into sheets and then placed on pallets fitted with an RFID transponder. In addition, the RFID tag offers quality data, ensuring traceability back through the production steps all the way to the coil.

Provided by Lueze electronic, the RFID transponders are built into special plastic housings to reduce interference from the steel press feed system which causes an extreme magnetic load for the pulsating field of the RFID system.

Cranes equipped with positioning systems further enable accurate detection of both horizontal and vertical positions along the crane’s floor track and also on the shelves.

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