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NordicID shows new RFID readers in James Bond-style movie

Nordic ID revealed three new RFID readers:

  • Morphic - power of standard reader combined with pocket-size
  • Sampo - slim, powerful, great for use in jewelery, apparel
  • Merlin - powerful, handheld reader, up time 7 hours, reading distance up to 7 meters.

The first of these devices, Nordic ID Morphic UHF RFID Cross Dipole, represents the pinnacle of RFID reading technology. It is unique in the marketplace because it is no bigger than your average cell phone. Nonetheless it gives you the capability to zip through store inventory in no time.  It is by far the smallest UHF RFID mass-reading Windows CE device on the market, being heralded as a fast track to productivity and ROI within the retail environment. 

Nordic ID Sampo S1 is the sleekest USB reader for interactive read/write RFID applications in the powerful 500-milliwatt class. An exceptional performance/price ratio makes it more affordable than anything else on the market.

Nordic ID Merlin UHF RFID Cross Dipole now reads RFID tags from any angle at seven to eight meters, for as many as 28 hours on a single charge. Read hundreds of tags in a box or boxes on a pallet with a single pass thanks to the innovative, energy-efficient cross dipole antenna.




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