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EarthSearch expands mobile development to assist the visual impaired

EarthSearch has expanded its new mobile division with the development of a mobile app designed to assist visually impaired individuals to navigate workplace facilities using RFID technology.

Through the use of RFID technology, the new mobile application will integrate with other navigation intelligence and enable the blind to navigate government facilities and other public places.

In full compliance with the Disabilities Act of 1990, the RFID technology will enable the vision impaired to integrate more easily into the workforce and live a more full life; that allow the blind to navigate in such areas as restrooms, fire exits, and facility layouts all through the use of the mobile device and EarthSearch RFID technology.

“All the people around the globe with blindness and other vision impairment, we have the technology why not use it for a good cause,” said Kayode Aladesuyi, CEO ECDC.

Story: http://rfidnews.org




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