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U.S. alcohol beverage company taps EarthSearch

A major U.S. alcohol beverage company has selected EarthSearch LogiBoxx integrated technology for managing its cargo and logistics operations.

The solution includes a mobile LogiBoxx device with integrated GPS and RFID technology that can be issued to any third party truck carrier contracted to transport cargo. Company trailers are also equipped with an EarthSearch proprietary RFID trailer identification device.

With this solution the company can assign a trailer to any carrier with the capability to locate and track its cargo regardless of the carrier which is moving the cargo. The EarthSearch solution will be used for improving efficiency by detecting how long a trailer has been at the plant or distribution center and if a certain time threshold is exceeded.

LogiBoxx also communicates with the RFID-based trailer identification device to detect separation and send immediate alerts to the logistics and security operations center for immediate response. Other features include automating billing information such as weight of beverage in a tanker gathered by RFID, with other applications under discussion.

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