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TagStar launches inlay with three-dimensional readability for industrial and logistics applications

TagStar Systems announced its new Quadro ultra high frequency RFID inlay, which offers three-dimensional readability for industrial and logistics applications.

TagStar’s Quadro design provides full three-dimensional readability, which offers greater flexibility for applications where materials may be placed or stacked at differing heights or depths.

RFID monitors noise emissions at German high-speed race tracks

The Nürburgring Motorsport Complex in Nürburg, Germany recently installed an RFID-based solution to identify vehicles that exceed the permissible noise limits and enable immediate intervention.

Leveraging the SensorSMART Platform from Identec Solutions, the web-based system effectively measures noise emissions from race cars in real-time.

Avery Dennison opens Design and Innovation Center in Germany to bring new solutions into Apparel Industry

Avery Dennison’s Retail Branding and Information Solutions (RBIS) group today opened its first Customer Design and Innovation Center based in Europe and introduced enhanced capabilities for the apparel industry in design, high definition graphic embellishments, sustainable packaging, and RFID-enabled inventory and loss prevention solutions.

Deister Electronic

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With 30+ years of RFID product development, deister has steadily filled empty niches in the security market by supporting standard access control along with electronic key and asset management. The company’s proxEntry and proxSafe product lines offer specific capabilities in a broad and increasing range of applications.


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FEIG ELECTRONIC GmbH is a german based worldwide leading manufacturer of RFID reader systems, door controls and traffic sensing systems. FEIGs OBID® readers are developed, manufactured and produced by FEIG. OBID® products are distributed and used worldwide. OBID® readers are developed according to public RFID standards, in very closed collaborations with all of the leading RFID chip manufacturers. FEIGs OBID® product range offers products for all common frequencies as LF, HF and UHF


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Specialist for professional RFID hardware, iDTRONIC GmbH is a leading supplier for professional RFID readers and RFID tags / transponders. The main focus is on applications like industrial, asset tracking, logistics, data collection, supply chain management and inventory control. The portfolio contains ISO cards, tags and transponders as well as RFID reader for mobile, long range and access control. Products from iDTRONIC GmbH are available for the passive RFID standards LF 125kHz, HF 13,56MHz and UHF 860–960MHz as well as an active system working on 2,45GHz frequency.


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