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TagMaster develops support tool for remote RFID upgrade

TagMaster announced the launch of a support tool that would enable the company to perform remote system software upgrades on its long-range RFID readers.

The system software field upgrade tool covers both the LR series 2.45 GHz and the XT series ultra-high frequency EPC Gen 2, for the latest version of the system software.


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Scirocco AB (publ) is a leading manufacturer of RFID – IR and UHF – for identifying large and valuable objects in demanding environments. Typical applications include indoor and outdoor fleet management, factory automation and vehicle access. Thanks to the systems benefits - robust operation, simple installation and short payback period - Scirocco helps our customers to achieve improved asset management efficiency by reducing queuing time and optimizing resource planning.


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Tagmaster designs, manufactures, and markets radio frequency identification (RFID) systems, as well as offers information services associated with automatic vehicle identification, rail bound transportation, and people access. Its products include RFID readers, RFID-tags, application software and development tools for its RFID readers, and accessories, including brackets for pole and wall mounting readers, ID-tag holders, and transparent adhesive tapes for permanent attachment of ID-tags.


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