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Sitronics fights against traffic jams

Sitronics has won a competition to develop Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), told to Vedomosti several businessmen working in the field of transport.

This information was confirmed by a senior official of the City Hall and Vice President of Sitronics Irina Lanina.


As every week we continue to publish weekly summary of news about RFID and NFC.


In Moscow, Crocus Expo was an exhibition "Innovation and Technology 2011", three companies participating in this exhibition are engaged in projects in the radio frequency:


RFID World

Olympic Committee of London 2012 Olympics to implant Athletes with RFID tags

Impinj and NXP intoduce chips for tagging of bulk products.

Rusnano will allocate 1.8 billion rubles to Sitronics-nano to create ICs with 90-nm technology

Rusnano will appropriate funds of 1.8 billion rubles to company Sitronics-nano to ICs production

OJSC Rusnano will appropriate funds of 1.8 billion rubles to Company "Sitronics-nano" on the project for mass production of chips with 90 nanometer design technology, Interfax reported.

The decision was taken at the first meeting of the Board of Directors Rusnano March 24.


RFID Russia

The Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies has become the first state corporation to complete reorganization. It was reregistered on March 11, 2011, as open joint-stock company RUSNANO.

Ministry of Communications discussed question of providing frequencies range of 916-921MHz for RFID applications.


At the beggining of the week Russian President Dmitry Medvedev charged the government to deploy the Universal Electronic Card of Russian Citizen (UEC) – the future primary license based on foreign IC. What does it mean?

«Russian Post» going to RFID

The plans for the deployment RFID mail tagging (allow to quick sorting of the mail, to accurately track its delivery, etc.) were introduced to Vedomosti by the representative of the Russian Post. According to him, the state corporation Rusnano will be teamed the project and her representative has confirmed that.

«Sitronics» has started UHF tags shipment

JSC Miсron, a subsidiary of JSC Sitronics, has launched a delivery of a new product - HF (high-frequency) contactless adhesive tags. PThe company press-service has informed on it. Production is delivered for the automated account of library funds. The customer "International Technology Transfer Center,



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